Day 6

Day 6

We started off the morning attending Mass at Santa Anna Church next to the Vatican. After that we stopped in at a Carmelite church, Santa Maria in Transpontina to pray for a few minutes. Then we met Mr. Richard Rouse, a member of the Council for Culture, part of the Roman Curia. He gave an enlightening presentation on how the Council helps to serve the Holy Father and Bishops, promoting the evangelization of culture in areas such as sport, art, science, music and women.
On our way to St. Ann's Church

On our way back to the Domus, we stopped at several churches: San Agostino, where the remains of St. Monica are; San Luigi de Francese, with three pieces of art by Caravaggio, including The Call of St. Matthew. Stay tuned to hear about the visit to San Agnese in Agone, which we discovered is closed on Mondays.

Discovering that the church of St. Agnes is closed.

In the Piazza Navona

In the afternoon we met Father Steeves, a Jesuit priest who teaches at the Gregorian, who gave us a tour of the churches of St. Ignatius and the Gesù, beautifully explaining the theology of the artwork, and the history of both churches.

At the tomb of St. Aloysius in the Church of St. Ignatius


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