Day 3

Today we had the very special and unexpected privilege of attending Mass at the Tomb of Pope Saint John Paul II!  

We rose early and were planning to meet a priest-friend for Mass at 7:45 at the Basilica.  For some reason, he never arrived...but, O Happy Fault, we saw another American priest, Father Gino, who was known to some of the Sisters at the Domus. Father Gino invited us to join him and his family for Mass in English...on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of the Tomb of Pope Saint John Paul II!!!

The tomb of Saint John Paul II, St. Peter's Basilica
After Mass, the security guard let us venerate the tomb and touch it while we prayed for a few moments.  

How good our Lord is to us to give this unique gift on our first full day in Rome together!

After Mass, we spent time in quiet prayer while visiting the Basilica.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, we place our trust in You!


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