Day 18 Old places, new discoveries

We began the day by visiting old places in a new way. Sister Mary Agnes, Sister Mary Hanah, and Sister Mary Maximilian went to Saint Peter's Basilica first thing in the morning in order to go up to the cupola. The climb up was more of a challenge than usual: there were no lights to guide their steps, so the Sisters went on in the dark. This sounds like a spiritual lesson, and maybe it was... and they made it to the top.

Outside the Base of the cupola

View of Sister Mary Agnes from inside the cupola
The Altar of the Chair from inside the cupola

The Sisters looking down on the Altar of the Chair

Outside the cupola -- the Statues of Jesus and the Apostles

Looking up from the base of the cupola at people on the highest level

Celebrating the victorious climb -- with ice cream and the Apostles!

 Meanwhile, on the other side of town, after attending Mass at the Gesu', Sister Karen, Sister Clare, and Sister Mary Angela were discovering how quiet the streets are first thing in the morning, and how lovely with the cool air and light streaming into the streets.

The Pantheon

The Trevi Fountain
A fragment of a statue: a big foot!
In the afternoon, we visited the Basilica of San Clemente, in which photos are not allowed. From there we went to the Church of the Four Crowned Martyrs, where we prayed and studied the communion of the Saints as portrayed in the apse.
We were able to see St. John Lateran from the top steps, and were amazed at how close we were to the Basilica that usually seems so far away.

On our way to the Church of the Four Crowned Martyrs
 After Holy Hour, we enjoyed cena on the terrace. We are celebrating the "first installment" of Sister Mary Hanah's birthday (which is tomorrow).

A treat for dessert -- Flan!

Cena on the terrazza


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